David Potaux-Razel, guit, comp
Stéphane Cochet, rhodes, synth, comp
Eric Groleau, drums
JL, comp, Alto and Baritone Sax

Get ready for a serious band that plays music impossible to be pigeonholed! A collaboration that dates way back to the years when the band members met studying abroad, now the geographical distance between Zurich and Paris does not prohibit them to meet regularly for intensive rehearsing time and gigs. Désonic already played at Le Bab-Ilo and other venues in Paris and at the Soundabout Festival in Zürich.

With the soul of rock, jazz improvisation and contemporary composition, Désonic guarantees to surprise you by combining those important concepts of the twentieth century and molding them into the sound of tomorrow.
The core of the band met in the US ten years ago and kept playing together in various settings.
Finally after all the members settled in Europe this franco-suisse collaboration between those true friends was more than evident.
Since 2010 the musicians from Désonic meet regularly to deliver this energetic and intelligent music which is more than welcome at concerts in Europe.