Nonoko Sato / L. Sakai / mjsalovarra / Yuki Maegaki / Jerry Gordon / Jonas Labhart

with Jerry Gordon and his ensemble at MIIT house Osaka: This is going to be a great show, honoring the holiday of Obon, a buddhist event for which we will be playing for people who we know who are dead or gone.

Nonoko Sato (dance)

L. Sakai (dance)

mjsalovarra (poetry)

Trane DeVore (poetry)

Yuki Maegaki (taisho goto)

Jerry Gordon (sax, perc etc.)

Jonas Labhart (sax)

3 pm – 7 pm; ¥ 500 admission



Lade Karte ...

15:00 - 19:00

MIIT House