Japan Tour 2016

In summer 2016 I spent three weeks in Japan, playing a few shows, visiting friends and taking an three-day intensive course in traditional Japanese music at Kyoto City University of Arts. The first steps on Shakuhachi flute 尺八 were hard but rewarding! Here are some infos about the tour and some pictures of the highlights!

9. 8. 2016 mit Ryoko Ono (sax) and Usui Yasuhiro (guit) im Nanya, Nagoya

13. 8. 2016 mit Dave Moss in der Kitty Bar, Osaka

14. 8. 2016 Between Coming and Going im MIIT House, Osaka

17. 8. 2016 mit Dave Moss im Urban Guild, Kyoto

20. 8. 2016 mit Takumi Seino (guit) und Yasutaka Yorozu (bass) im Common Café, Osaka

Playing with the amazing dancer Nonoko Sato in Osaka:

Common cafe in Osaka

The famous Neputa at Hirosaki

with Dave Moss (bass)

My new favourite temple in Kyoto:


Ryoko Ono (sax)

Usui Yasuhiro (guit)

The plan how to get to Iwaki-san

Part of the Miniatures Series from Jerry Gordon in Osaka